Negative spaces

A negative space can be a positive space. Some times negative space is very important.

For example…

In architecture

In art

In graphics

Negative space gives focus, it makes the subject pop and can give meaning. The same goes for what we put or time and energy into. The world is full of media and activities designed to steal our attention. We can end up incessantly hopping from one thing to the next trying to keep up.

I think we need personal down time to give the meaning, pop and focus on the things that we want to be important in our lives.

I like personal downtime.

Like a nice walk –

Or a good sleep

But I’m not very good at giving those things their due

Personally I sometimes find that I have a compulsion to feel productive. Taking a walk can be hard if you also want to do some work on your pet business project, put some time into learning the guitar, or read that article you’ve been meaning to read. These are all things that contribute to my life values and goals. I can feel a little anxious if I’m not putting time into these things. Wasting time in a precious short life.  But sometimes this urge gets me feeling too much in a rush.

So I try to remind myself, that I like negative spaces.

They make a subject pop, and they give meaning.

And that can be something more than being productive!

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